Fotografie Sabine Gurol

Mummy’s tail

leopardzweiEines von drei persischen Leopardenjungen im Zoo Hannover fängt den Schwanz seiner Mutter, um damit Fangen zu spielen.

Responses (3) to “Mummy’s tail”

  1. Stephen Begin, a Michigan consultant on the project who helped meticulously remove the arm and tail from their rock casing, said he thinks it will take „substantially more“ money to complete the project than initially thought, though he did not venture a guess as to how much.

  2. Hoganson estimated that enough money remains for about three more months of work. He said the hope is to get more funding from National Geographic, but that if no new money is found, he may look for volunteers to work on the mummy.

  3. The images revealed the bird s stomach was stuffed with bones and teeth from at least two mice one with its tail inside the raptor s esophagus and a partially digested sparrow. And whereas other bird mummies in Egypt had their gizzards removed or their beaks packed with food after death, this specimen also had no signs of evisceration.


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